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Copywriting 101 with special guest Jack White

As promised, here is the first collaboration piece.

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting an interview with Jack White (@JackWhiteMedia)

Jack is an up and coming copywriter here on Twitter. He has already produced successful client stories.

Today, he will talk about many questions I hear involving copywriting:

-What is copywriting?

-How to get involved?

-How to become a good copywriter?

Among many other things.

Let's get started!

1. Could you explain what copywriting is for those who may not be too familiar with it?

Copywriting is writing words that sell. It’s a sword that picks at pain points, lifts you up with your ego. It drags you by complacency and stabs through your defense with urgency. Copywriting is sales’ written form, obviously, but it more about tapping into the human mind and making them do what YOU want them to do, while they think it’s all their effort.

2. What resources do you recommend for someone to learn copywriting?

No shame, but my eBook “Murder Sales with Killer Copywriting” is a great place to start learning. Other than that, you must study other forms of it. See how other marketers write their emails, Tweets, and posts on Social Media. Analyze big brand advertisements on TV and YouTube. What language do they use and how does it paint a picture in their head. Another way to practice is by writing stories. The art of grabbing attention is one not to be messed with. Once you have one’s attention, you have their wallets.

3. What mistakes do most copywriters make?

Most “copywriters” make the mistake of coming off as “salesy”. If you sound like you’re trying to sell an item, you won’t sell anything. Using imagery and comparisons, you can paint a picture in the reader’s head. Intense tongue movement such as alliteration will make sure they remember you or your message, if not act on it instantly.

4. What separates that top .1% of copywriters making millions from your average talented ad agency copywriter making $60k?

Listen, I’m not making millions as a copywriter, BUT I’m assuming it has to do with their efficiency. The more one can automate their business, the opportunity for more money is higher.

5. How do you go about actually finding your first copywriting jobs? How do you prove yourself when you have little experience (No degree or big contracts yet.)?

You can find Copywriting jobs everywhere from Facebook search, Craigslist, LinkedIn. I also do door to door sales and have gotten prospects from knocking.

6. When clients see you (no disrespect.) a young guy in college who is good, but only has x years of experience, what's your argument for clients to choose you over a guy who graduated already, has more experience, and all the resources and infrastructure that working for an ad agency gets you?

There’s no shame in having less experience, you just have to be man enough to own it. If you tell a business owner, “Sir, I understand I don’t have as much experience as the next guy, but I can tell you I’ll care more about your business. I will not sleep until I am making your company money, which won’t be long.”, you will sign a client. It’s the first client that’s always hard. You just need to get around the hurdle of experience. Deflect and attack. “No experience, but I’ll treat your business like my own & not just a number”.

7. Numbers are thrown around: "Start your own 7-figures copywriting business.", "6 months to 6 figures.", etc. How common are those results and what do most mildly successful independent copywriters make realistically?

These results ARE NOT common. It’s not because the information is bad. It’s because 98% of people that will buy my book or the next Copywriting course won’t do anything. They will buy it, read the first two pages and then realize the actual effort is involved, ending in failure and blaming me for it. This is why I have never claimed my book will make you rich. Now, I do have a student that’s crossed $9k/month profit. If you truly believe you are an action taker and can struggle while you build, you can probably do that or more with the information I provide. Just take it one client/sale at a time. What do you ACTUALLY want/need $$$-wise? You might think you need 14 million dollars, but really you only need two clients at 3k/mo to live your life.

8. Can you tell me a bit about “Murder Sales with Killer Copywriting”? (Concepts, success stories, etc.)

-There’s one question I always get, “How can I start copywriting?”. To start copywriting, you need to know how to write. That’s it. What you do with this skill is up to you. Sign clients, affiliate marketing, sell your own product. Whatever it is, you NEED to know how to write. That’s what “Murder Sales with Killer Copywriting” does. It brings the reader from 0-1, which is the hardest part for most. Also, I love breaking the rules, which you can’t do unless you know what they are. I supply the rules, you figure out if you should follow them.

The next part of this whole book is the workbook. If a reader completes the book AND fills out the workbook, I will go over it in mass detail to make sure their copy is on par.


The common pattern I see in these areas is the importance of starting from a solid foundation. Clients want VALUE, they don't care about fluff or the years on your resume. You either bring the value or you don't.

Copywriting is a skill, no less than fitness, sales, etc. It comes down basic fundamentals, without which you will be LOST. On the other hand, If you execute on those fundamentals, your learning curve will be EXPONENTIALLY faster.

If you want to learn more about copywriting I recommend you follow Jack White on Twitter: (@JackWhiteMedia.)

You can also check out his work, "Murder Sales with Killer Copywriting", where he goes into greater detail into what was discussed in the interview, here: https://gumroad.com/a/741717107

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