As my title suggests, I was born in Mexico.


Not going to lie, I was blessed to be born into a family of champions:


-My grandpa on my mom's side was born in poverty. He barely finished HS, started an HV/AC business with a partner. The business flourished and he became pretty wealthy.

-My dad grew up in poverty. He was an academic standout, graduating Valedictorian from HS, then earning a free-ride scholarship through college, where he graduated 1st of his class (Ironically followed closely by my mom in 2nd place.) Today he is the head architect in a Real Estate development firm in Mexico.

-My mom was the first woman in her family to graduate college (back then women were mistakenly still discouraged from going for a career.)

Early on, I had a lot of things handed to me. We weren't rich, but we grew up in a VERY comfortable upper-middle-class upbringing in Mexico, attending a couple of the best schools in the city, traveling to nice resorts every break, attending birthday parties at the country club was the norm. Life was pretty easy.

When I was 11 (2006.), I moved to the US with my sister and my mom after my parents split.


That move was a whole 180.


I knew some basic English from school in Mexico, but besides that, it was square one. Not to mention, that due to the comparable cost of living, our money didn't go as far as it did in Mexico. We settled in a significantly more lower-income town for the time being. The recession only made it worse, with both of my parents getting hit HARD due to the impact it had on real estate. There was a time period where my dad's salary in Mexico was slashed 30%, my mom got laid off, and we were scraping by on unemployment while my mom found a job.


Needless to say, those years were TOUGH. I was actually talking to my dad about going back.

It was logical. In Mexico, I was born into a good family. However, upon talking to my parents and hearing about how my family escaped poverty with LITTLE  TO NO RESOURCES, it hit me how fortunate I was to be here. Most importantly, I realized that it was up to me to make a change. I was in a country that provided so many resources people in Mexico dream about that as Americans we take for granted.


As I went through the years, this country grew on me. The economy improved, but most importantly, so did my mindset:


-I had experienced financial prosperity and all the enjoyment and freedom that comes with it.

-I had also experienced financial scarcity and all the despair, pain and disappointment that comes with it. 


I knew that every action I took would push me one way or the other.


Guess what?



I know that any challenge or hardship that I face in my path will be worth it to stay out of that place.

I know that this is merely the batton being passed from my parents to me, where now the only person I can credit with my success or failure, is me.

That laser-focus allowed me to successfully navigate through life, learn and grow every day.

It is my goal to use this page for others.

I know there are people today like my grandpa, like my mom, like my dad. People with a lot of talent and potential waiting to be exploited. 

My goal is that If nothing else, my content will be a resource to help uncover that talent.

Who is techsaleslatino?

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